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Pet Portraits

"Absolutely love my portrait of my beautiful snow Bengal cat Gizmo. The detail of his face and his big blue eyes have been captured perfectly and is taking pride of place up on my wall"

- Gemma Schmid

Pet Portrait Price List

The final price of the commission depends on the size, the chosen medium and the number of animals in the portrait. The price reflects not only the cost of the materials, but the length of time each portrait takes.

​All prices listed below include a free mount and free postage. All sizes listed are in inches. Add 20% for each additional pet.

Price List

Pencil Sketch

A detailed black and white sketch using high quality Faber Castell graphite pencils.

Cat Pet Painting Little Robin Art
Dog Pencil Portrait

Coloured Pencil

A highly detailed coloured portrait using Faber Castell Polychromos pencils.

Horse Equestrian Painting
Labrador Coloured Penci Little Robin Art


A defined and colourful painting using Windsor Newton paints.

Dog Watercolour Painting Little Robin Art
Poodle Watercolour Little Robin Art

View previous pet portrait commissions in the gallery.

When choosing your size, please bear in mind the following points:


  • Number of subjects. A minimum size of 16 x 12 is recommended if there are 2 or more pets to be included in the portrait.

  • For 2 or more pets in one portrait, there is an additional surcharge of 20% of the cost above per animal.

  • All portraits are provided unframed.

  • Mount. All orders receive a free mount ensuring your portrait will fit into a standard sized frame.

  • Deposit. A minimum £50 non-refundable deposit is required on placement of the order. This deposit is deducted from the total cost when final payment is due on completion of the commission.

  • Additional charges may be applicable if special items are requested, such as a detailed background.

  • Quotations can be provided for any size not listed.

  • Pet Portraits can be posted around the world, including Europe and Australia. Please get in touch for a quotation.

How to Order

  1. Choose a good photograph

The whole process starts with the photograph of a favourite pose or a memorable moment. The ideal photograph needs to be in focus, taken in natural light at eye level without the use of the camera flash, with the subject taking up the majority of the frame.


I always ask if possible for multiple photographs, capturing different angles and light. If in doubt, send as many as you can. Just remember, I am only able to paint and draw what I can see on a photograph.


Portraits with more than one animal are usually composed with multiple photographs. Treat each animal separately, sending a chosen pose and other supplementary photographs for each.


Feel free to send photographs via email, hard copies or CD/DVD.

 2. Choose size and medium


Have a look through the gallery and see if there is a certain style that you prefer and look through the price list above to view the different sizes available. If you have a certain size you want that isn’t listed, perhaps to fit an existing frame or to match other portraits you have, please get in touch.


The prices of the different styles reflect not only the cost of the raw materials, but the time taken to use each media. A pencil grayscale sketch is quicker to complete as the work is required only on light and dark whereas watercolour paintings take the longest amount of time due to colour mixing.

3. Contact Little Robin Art

Once you’ve chosen everything, or if you need further advice, it’s time to get in touch. If you look at the contact page, there are many ways of getting in touch to suit your own preferences!


In your message, could you please provide all the basic contact details. If you know exactly what you want, I need to know the style, size and how many pets – as well as attaching your photograph/s.

            5. Review Portrait 

When the deposit has been paid, you will be given an estimation of when the portrait will be completed.

Once the portrait has been completed, you will be emailed a photograph of the commission. A true likeness of your pet is guaranteed and I want you to be completely satisfied with your order, so please feel free to request amendments for anything you are not happy with.

Once you have confirmed your acceptance of the commission, the final payment of the outstanding balance is required.

            4. Pay the deposit

A minimum £50 non-refundable deposit is required to start your commission which is preferably paid via Bank Transfer. However, I can accept payment with all major debit/credit cards or cheque. 

This deposit is part of the final payment. For example if your commission has a total cost of £200, once your £50 deposit has been paid, there is an outstanding balance of £150.

            6. Receive Portrait

As soon as payment has been received, your portrait will be packaged securely, along with the free portrait mount and any other items that have been ordered. 

When the parcel arrives, carefully unwrap to ensure no accidental damage to the portrait. It is recommended to frame the portraits behind glass, away from direct sunlight.

At the end of the process, I’d be delighted to receive final feedback. The image of your portrait will be posted onto social media unless agreed otherwise, so please feel free to share etc.

How to Order


All of the quotes below have been taken from the Little Robin Art Facebook page.

Alex Sarah - "Chloe did an amazing portrait of our late dog, Henry, she captured his personality perfectly. Chloe ensured that we were happy with the portrait and gave us her professional opinion throughout. Thank you so much!"

Alison Fox - "Chloe did an amazing portrait of our Irish red and white setter Wilson, she’s captured his expression exactly and worked with us to make sure that we were perfectly happy. We just adore it and will treasure it always. A heartfelt Thank you Chloe."

Jan Gregory - "Thankyou so much Chloe, for the portrait that you did of our daughters standard poodle Sherlock for Christmas. It was amazing, your so talented. Becki was as thrilled with it too and shed a tear.Many thanks for all your help. I would certainly recommend you."

Jayne Thompson - "I had a lovely drawing done of my horse as a gift for a friend. The attention to detail is fantastic highly recommend".

Maureen Williams - "Chloe has just finished a portrait of our cocker spaniel Bayley and cat Sparkle and we are so pleased, she has captured them both so brilliantly. When Bayley walked in the room and saw the picture he woofed as if it was another dog in his house.
Chloe is so talented and if you want a picture do not hesitate - contact her. Thank you Chloe".

Peter Ward - "Thank you Chloe for the portrait you did for a Xmas present it was brilliant, our daughter and son in law loved it. We will be asking for one of our dog sometime soon."

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