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Little Robin Art classes are paid for by monthly subscription, with an easy form available online to complete your details when the time comes.


However, before committing to a monthly subsciption, new members should have the opportunity to come to classes and make sure that they are right for them!


Therefore, this single payment is for your 1st 3 classes at the location/time that has recently been offered to you - either at Penkridge afternoon, Penkridge evening or Walton evening.


The mini course needs to be taken concurrently as the next 3 fortnightly classes from the date of payment, so please make sure you're able to attend all the classes before committing. The payment is also non-refundable.


On payment completion, you'll receive a digital image from the Little Robin Art website. Don't worry, it's just how this item has been set up. There's no need to print it off or bring to class, I've got all your details!


Once the 1st 3 classes are complete, hopefully you'll decide that the classes are right for you! You can then sign up online at If not and you'd rather not continue, no problem - please just let me know so that I can open up the place to a new member.


Any questions/queries, please let me know!

Art Class Payment - 1st 3 classes

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